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Bagriweya-PyramidsYour financial contribution will to help support our ongoing annual field research in northern and eastern Sudan, the region of ancient Kush and Nubia, in order to document this region as one of the great World Heritage Sites. Field research is urgent in order to document the impact of the pending four dams on the archaeological sites. After returning from his June 2011 field research in Sudan, Prof. Ampim initiated the Save Nubia Project to expand the work of protecting the classical African civilizations of Kush and Nubia. The goal of this project is to conduct more in-depth field research

to help document and present the case that northern Sudan is an important archaeological region, and should be designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. This project is also focused on assisting the local Nubians and other groups in creating a series of museums in the 2nd and 3rd cataract areas to help preserve their history and culture.


Start Date 06-01-2016
End Date 03-31-2017
Goal $50,000.00
Donated Amount $26,375.00

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Donate to Save Ancient Kush & Nubia

Please make a donation to help preserve classical African history.  Your assistance will help support field research to designate northern and eastern Sudan as a region with World Heritage Sites under threat.

Thank you!

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